The deluxe bonus songs leaked tonight. This is my review:

1. Baby - Amazing song. Sounds like something that could fit on a "Relapse" sequel,
and I love "Relapse"! Great beat, lyrics and hook. Vintage slim again! Score: 9/10.

2. Desperation – Another song about abusive relationships. It's like a very heavy hybrid
of ”So Much Better” and ”Love The Way You Lie”. By that I mean, it's not as ”evil” lyrics
as ”So Much Better”, it's more of a realistic, human situation in the sense of ”Love The
Way You Lie”. This song has a very heavy beat tho and I really like this song. Score: 7/10.

3. Groundhog Day – One of the nicest beats Eminem has ever rapped on. He uses a very
cocky voice to explain his evolution in Hip-Hop. This song is going right in my top 10
Eminem-songs of all time. The rhymes, flow, beat... everything is just perfect! Score: 10/10.

4. Beautiful Pain – This is the only song I didn't like of the bonus tracks. It's a very
emotional song. Sia does a pretty good job, but I prefer Eminem doing his own hooks.
Especially when it comes to emotional, personal songs. Score: 5/10

5. Wicked Ways – Very cool beat and this singer actually creates a nice mood for
the song. This is a song about his obsession with words and I really like it. I have
nothing to complain about. There is also a Ken Kaniff-skit at the end of the song where
he makes his own version of “Berzerk”. Extremely funny! I love it! Score: 8/10.

The 4 out of 5 songs could easily replaced some of the song of the album to really
make the album a classic in my eyes. If I could decide about the track-listing this is how I would do:

1. Bad Guy
2. Parking Lot (skit)
3. Rhyme Or Reason
4. So Much Better
5. Baby
6. Legacy
7. So Far...
8. Desperation
9. Rap God
10. Brainless
11. Wicked Ways
12. Groundhog Day
13. Asshole
14. Love Game
15. Headlights
16. Evil Twin / Ken Kaniff (skit)

If this was the official track-list and we didn't get the bonus tracks I would place
this album above both ”Relapse” and ”The Eminem Show”.



The album leaked tonight. I'm sitting now giving it a forth spin. This is my early review:

I feel it's a "MMLP" with the "Recovery"-formula.
It has some "Recovery"-ish beats and a lot of singers on the hooks. But the lyrics
are very, very impressive. 
I like this ten times more then "Encore" and "Recovery"
I'm not sure it beats "Relapse" tho. I have to give it
a few more spins. I feel the
album is very inconsistent because of the hooks and beats and some of
the lyrics.
I'll break this albums down like this:

1. Bad Guy - Amazing song. It gives me tears in the eyes and goosebumps.
Truly a worthy sequel to Stan. Score: 9/10.

2. Parking Lot (skit) - Amazing skit. I wouldn't change it for anything and it
really gives a "MMLP"-vibe (obviously). 10/10.

3. Rhyme Or Reason - Excellent. I love the sample and everything about it.
Finally a song about his father and the way he twists it with his different
personas is amazing. Score: 8/10

4. So Much Better - A song for the ladies. Very funny song. I love the good
ol' misogynistic Shady. Nothing to dislike on this either. Score: 7/10.

5. Survival - This is where the album suffers. I like the lyrics on the second
verse but the other verses, beat and the hook is awful. I can't stand the song
and it fucks up the flow of the album. Score: 2/10

6. Legacy - A song about how he got into rap and his childhood. I'm not a fan
on the hook but other then that the song is a masterpiece. Nice to hear a serious
song about his childhood. Score: 8/10.

7. Asshole - Amazing verses but I'm not a huge fan of the beat but I guess it's OK.
I hate the hook. I can enjoy this song because of the verses being really good
and funny. Score: 6/10.

8. Berzerk - This song is awful. Not super bad beat but not my style. The lyrics
and hooks is so boring. This song also fucks up the flow of the album for me. Score: 2/10.

9. Rap God - Not my type of beat but on this song it doesn't matter. I guess he
had to choose a beat like this to flow in all these different speeds. He really
shows he's the Rap God on this song. Score: 9/10.

10. Brainless - My favorite song of the album. AMAZING samples, beat, lyrics, flow.
EVERYTHING. And a very funny, fitting hook is there to. Vintage slim, bitch! Score: 10/10.

11. Stronger Then I Was - A song for Kim, I guess. He can't sing. I like the
production tho and the part where he's actually rapping is pretty good but the
singing parts are awful. Pretty good lyrics and you feel his pain but... he can't sing!
It's nice to hear a full song about Kim again, and a very honest one. Score: 5/10.

12. The Monster – The worst song of the album. I hate it with passion.
The beat and hooks is just unlistenble. Even tho the lyrics touches on
some interesting subjects I can't fully appreciate them because of the beat
and hook. It fucks up the flow on the album again. Score: 1/10.

13. So Far... - This should be the first single. It's funny and catchy: everything "Berzerk" 
was supposed to be. I get “The Real Slim Shady” vibes from this. I like it a lot. Score: 8/10.

14. Love Game - I feel the same with this one as with "So Far...". I don't
really like Kendrick on this one but Em is doing really good. The only beef I
have with this one is where it's placed on the album. It's too similar to “So Far...”
to be directly after it. But I like the song, indeed. Score: 7/10.

15. Headlights - It's nice with an honest song to his mother. The lyrics are brilliant.
I love them. But why the hell is there a random pop-star singing on it? Why bring
in a pop-star robot to sing on a song this personal? It really fucks the song up for me.
It's fuckin' up the flow again, only because of the hook. It could’ve been a classic. Score: 7/10

16. Evil Twin – An amazing song again. The beat, hook and verses is amazing.
He's so EVIL! It gives me goosebumps. Vintage slim shit right here. And he sums up
the album nice at the end by saying he and his evil twin is the same person and as
evil as the other. Really nice closure of the album (and catalog?). Score: 10/10.

To sum it up:
If he did skipped “Survival”, “Berzerk” and “The Monster”, rapped more on "Stronger The I Was"
and made a new hook for "Headlights" I would have liked it more than "Relapse". Maybe even more
than "The Eminem Show". Now I feel like it's very close behind "Relapse" and far, far ahead of
"Encore" and "Recovery" but it's inconsistency really hurts the album a lot and the pop-star hooks does to.

Average score: 6,81.



New Eminem single released, featuring Rihanna.



The deluxe edition double CD tracklist is released!



New single off MMLP2. This is what I least expected. It shows that Eminem is still the best rapper to ever grab the mic.






A music video for "Survival" was released today. It really makes the song better and the send makes me really excited!
Watch it here:



The album cover was revealed by Eminem and Rap Radar four days ago. Incase you missed it, here it is:

I'm super excited!




The "Berzerk"-video is released! It definitely makes the song better, even tho I personally don't like it and was expecting something more/funnier. Check it out here:

ESPN and Eminem also remade the first part for the video to use as a "Saturday Night Football"-intro. You can watch it here:



We are currently waiting for Berzerk's music video to drop this afternoon.
In the mean time here is a video preview of Berzerk and an interview Eminem did with ESPN. 

Also, If you didn't get the lyrics, a lyric-video was released last week. Check it out!



It's here! Music video will come shortly.
Personally I expected something else, but I guess it's better than Survival. 

Also, do you guys remember the Chris Rock-picture that floated around?
This is what they where up to:





More news! This time really big news!

Yesterday Eminem announced his next full-lenght together with BeatsByDre: MMLP 2 (Marshall Mathers LP 2) set for release November 5th 2013, the same day as Call Of Duty: Ghosts is being released. Executive producers: Rick Rubin and Dr. Dre.

He also announced a new single dropping tomorrow (same day as the final Black Ops 2 DLC is going to be released!) with a music video. The song is called Berzerk and snippets of both the video and song is avalible though the announcement videos.

I don't know if this is good or not. As every Eminem fan, I am a huge fan of The Marshall Mathers LP and I have my doubts if he really can make a good sequal to such a classic. But then again, Eminem has suprised us before and a part of me says he knows what he's doing and that he know what responsibility he says by choosing a title like that. I am super amped about the album nevertheless. I think Survival is going to be a bonus track on the album or avalible though a COD: Ghost x MMLP2 bundle, hence the same release day. The new video and song sounds very Beastie Boys-inspired and I personally think that is a good thing. Also: EMINEM IS BLOND AGAIN! Slim Shady the maniac is back! (I hope...).



And while your at it, check out the beautiful, vintage-shady looking picture on his website:




A new Eminem-song premierd on the multiplayer reveal of Call Of Duty: Ghosts last night.
The song is called Survival and are featuring Liz Rodriguez on the hook and Khalil on the beat.
We don't know what to think. Symphony In H was dark, vitty and sounded a little like the old Em.
This however is sounding like a Recovery-song. We understand that he needed to make a song like this to fit the game,
but maybe something like 'Till I Collapse would fit even better plus making him not compromise his style. 

Eminem has always been bringing us what we least expected with his new material. He has always changed up his style dramaticlly for each album. For better or for worse. This time he sure did bring us what we least expected but he didn't change up his style.

Are we going to get Recovery 2.0? We sure hope NOT!

Eminem announced that a video for the song is going to be released soon. Until then, here is a download link to the full track:

Eminem's COD: Ghosts announcement:

COD: Ghosts Multiplayer Trailer featuring "Survival":



We are truly sorry for not updating this site in awhile! 
But now we have atleast a song to update with: "Symphony In H".
We think it's great and it really got our expectations up, even tho it's sounds a tad old.

Let's pray it's a real indication of the overall sound of the album.

While we wait you can visit and discuss Eminem aswell as other artists!!!

The discography section is being updated also!

Stay tuned!



Okay, so it's not looking good for us, people!
Eminem are most likely going to preform Recovery AGAIN on his european tour.
"3 years later and with an album on the way, it makes no sense!"
No it doesn't, you are right. But hopefully he will have a new single atleast by that time.
It seems like Eminem are doing his best to confuse his fans, and it works!

One thing that caught my eyes was that Porter seemed to be so sure with the "doubt" but then "who knows".
Maybe he's just playing tricks on us. The statement seems "set-up" in a way, but maybe I'm reading in to it too much.
My advice is: Don't get your hopes up but like I've said: let's hope he's releasing atleast a single for the showes.




Yelawolf, Kendrick Lamar, and Earlwolf will be joining Eminem on select dates this August.
Check out the details here:


August 17, Slane Castle, Ireland
Plan B


August 20, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow Summer Session
Kendrick Lamar


August 22, Stade de France, France
Kendrick Lamar



Hello, once again!

This is just a small update to tell you that Chris Rock posted this on May 7th:

Along with the words: "In the studio with Em don't sleep".

Does this mean that he'll feature on Em's album?
If so, he won't be rapping (because obviously, he's not a rapper) so he'll most likely be on a skit.
So Eminem will, unlike on Recovery, have skits on this album? YEY!




Hi, Stans!

These times do really suck...
We have all waited a long time but nothing is happening.
So today I'm gonna give you all Eminems tourdates in Europe, if you have missed it!

August 15th - Kempische Steenweg (Hasselt, Belgium) (Click here to buy tickets)

August 17th - Slane Castle (Dublin, Ireland) (Click here to buy tickets)

August 20th - Glasgow Summer Session (Glasgow, United Kingdom) (Sold Out)

August 22nd - Stade De France (Paris, France) (Click here to buy tickets)

August 24th - Reading Festival (Reading, United Kingdom) (Click here to buy tickets)

August 25th - Leeds Festival (Leeds, United Kingdom) (Click here to buy tickets)


Eminem has also been in the studio with Big Sean. How do we know this?
Big Sean posted this on Instagram:


So long!




We are sorry to announce that the "Something BIG Is Coming"-promo was fake!
Paul Rosenberg confirmed this on twitter:

We hope you guys understand that things like this can happen. We are going to be very careful from now on.
But our theory is still very logical. So we can still expect an album-release in June!
We will keep you updated!